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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Dist of Columbia

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Dist of Columbia

Therapy Insider is a top-notch family advocacy and consulting organization, that delivers preferred access to the most fitting therapeutic boarding schools for teens in Dist of Columbia; who may be battling video game addiction (gaming), alcohol dependence, and/or blended family issues trials. Throughmental and behavioral health treatment and our crisis intervention services, families can be whole again.

Examples of these trials are (but not limited to) ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, Learning Differences, and other psychological disturbances (personality disorders, addictions, and defiant dysfunctional behavior). For immediate direction in determining the best course of action for your family, please contact the educational consultants of Therapy Insider. We can direct you with the assessment of your unique situation; and represent you to the best school of your choice. Our goal would be to find the perfect school for your child at the most affordable rate.

Although the best boarding school for your needs may be located outside of the State of Dist of Columbia, these facilities accept teens from all over the country. Parents Please Note: Therapeutic boarding schools are academic-based schools and programs, designed specifically for troubled adolescents.

These schools are normally 9 to 12 months in duration, but sometimes they can last as long as 15 to 18 months, depending upon the severity of the child's trials. The monthly tuition rate varies from as low as $3,000 per month upwards to $6,500. The tuition cost often comes down to the level of services the school offers. The more therapy and therapeutic intervention offered the higher the tuition cost.

Co-Ed Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Moreover, when an academic program delivers a great deal of one-on-one tutoring and academic support, then of course the cost may go up. Extra-curricular activities are also very important. Equine therapy, interscholastic athletics, and community service are very important to the overall value of a therapeutic boarding school. If the school offers these extra programming, then the price of the tuition goes up. Lastly, when schools hire reputatable professional staff (direct care staff) the cost can jump significantly.

Dist of Columbia Boarding Schools

Adolescents in recovery at therapeutic boarding school for troubled adolescentsTherapy Insider represents the top-notch therapeutic boarding schools for at-risk boys and at-risk girls. The therapeutic boarding schools we recommend have assisted thousands of at-risk adolescent boys and girls get their life back "on track." Because we have extensive experience in working with parents of struggling adolescent boys and girls, we know that every at-risk adolescent can be saved if offered the right therapeutic boarding school staffed by the right people.

The best therapeutic boarding schools deliver exceptional educational and therapeutic services, and the quality of both types of services are proven. It is our recommendation that in your search for the perfect program you only consider schools that are licensed and accredited. Secondly, the health, safety, and welfare of your child is the most critical aspect of your decision. Therefore, we suggest that you ask questions until you find the perfect match that best suits your child's education and therapeutic needs.

Therapy Insider is a superior online resource for parents and families of troubled youth, offering support to parents of troubled teens in Dist of Columbia who are searching for the most suitable treatment centers for their teenager child; who may be battling self-harming behaviors, peer conflict, and/or drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana) obstacles. Call our licensed educational consultant at (833) 876-1985 today!

National Resources for Parents and Teenagers:

NATSAP For Parents - The information you find on the NATSAP website will direct parents in obtaining direction for adolescent boys and girls in need of intervention. Coordinating the needs of your child to the appropriate services of a therapeutic facility is one of the most crucial decisions you will make on behalf of your child. Provided is a list of articles to assist you in this challenging time, and questions to ask before making a final placement choice. NATSAP is not a referral or placing agency. We are a volunteer membership association supporting both specialists and parents in their efforts to support at-risk young people.

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