Residential Treatment Centers for Teens in Pittsburgh, PA

Mental health professionals from Pittsburgh, PA believe that Residential Treatment Centers do help boys and girls who are suffering from major psychological or behavioral issues.  For example, if a child is dealing with an addiction problem (drugs, alcohol, sexual compulsivity, etc.) the possibilities of an ugly outcome is great. Therefore, psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists often refer their adolescent patients to residential programs when the presenting issue is no longer considered "treatable" through individual or group therapy (outpatient counseling). If you are a parent of a troubled teenager and you need a therapeutic option, or the help of a Family Advocate, you can call Therapy Insider. Our Family Advocates are standing by to provide you coaching, assistance, and professional guidance.  Call 866-439-0775.

What exactly do we mean by an "ugly outcome". Our example is this... a teen who is addicted to heroin needs immediate substance abuse treatment.  If his or her addiction is severe enough (past overdose) it could cost them their life.  Herion addiction in Pittsburgh, PA is extremely serious.  Kids die every day from the abuse of opiate-based drugs. Therefore, in the case of a severe addiction issue a residential treatment option may be the only option for your son or daughter.  A residential treatment center is a "residential" (live-in) facility providing intensive therapy for severe emotional or behavioral problems such as substance abuse, bipolar disorder, or eating disorders (to name just a few).  Residential treatment programs are also described as drug rehabs, psychiatric hospitals, or troubled teen programs.

Help for Parents of Troubled Boys and Troubled Girls in Pittsburgh, PA

One of the most unique aspects of long-term residential treatment programs in Pittsburgh, PA is how they integrate an accredited high school experience with therapy. There is a real science behind academic improvement and behavioral/emotional improvement. Many programs deliver outstanding therapeutic care and fail to enhance the child's academic progress.  Other residential treatment centers focus on academic success while watering down the therapeutic component.  Very few programs in Pittsburgh, PA do well with both elements, and only the best achieve academic results with emotional growth.

We believe that a high-impact, long-term clinical treatment in an academic environment is the best option for most troubled teens who are struggling. The top residential treatment programs in Pittsburgh, PA help teens to build upon their strengths while abandoning their self-defeating behaviors.  Moreover, the top programs help struggling children turn around academic failure.  Academic success after the treatment experience really enhances the value of the residential care.  Longterm therapeutic success is directly tied to academic success.

For help finding the perfect residential treatment center option near Pittsburgh, PA call and speak with our Admissions Specialits. We can help you find the best therapeutic option for your child and family.  Call 866-439-0775.

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