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Independent Living Programs in New York

Independent living for young adults

Therapy Insider is a top-notch mental and behavioral health directory website with preferred access to the most suitable Independent Living Programs for at-risk young men and women in New York. Although this reference in not for Senior Living, these programs deliver the remediation and life skills education young men and women need for rehabilitation and recovery. When young men and women in New York are battling drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), alcohol dependence, mental health trials, intellectual disabilities, or any other condition that prevents them from living successfully on their own, an independent living program may be the answer.


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Although it is possible that the best treatment center for struggling young adults may be located outside the state of New York, these top-notch therapeutic facilities are faithful to at-risk young adults from all over the country. Also, the professional educational consultants at Therapy Insider recommend to have troubled young men and women receive direction away from the negative influences of unsupportive peers.

Therapy Insider is a reputatable online resource for parents and families of troubled youth, assisting parents in New York of at-risk young men and women who are searching for the optimal therapeutic facilities for their young adult child; who may be battling anger issues and/or alcohol dependence issues. Call our professional educational consultant at today!

What is an Independent Living Program?

Enthusiastic young adult female feeling inspired at Independent Living therapeutic program for struggling youthDesigned for struggling young adults, primarily between the ages of 18-25, independent living programs provide a highly structured, yet supportive environment that helps troubled young adults make the transition to a successful adult who possesses the life skills necessary to live independently. Highly licensed therapists deliver constant support, education and mentoring that are tailored to each client’s individual needs. Not only does this facilitate the development of self-esteem and key skills necessary for transitional living, but it also helps teach young adults how to establish healthy relationship patterns, maintain an organized environment, manage their mood, and achieve a proper balance between fitness and their physical health.

Who Can Benefit From an Independent Living Program?

This type of program is ideal for any young adult in New York who seems to have little to no desire to leave the nest. In addition, young men and women battling alcohol dependence and intellectual disorders often thrive in this kind of environment. Young adults who are exhibiting behavioral obstacles, such as a lack of direction in life, an inability to hold a job, failure to succeed in college, and irresponsible behaviors, also find independent living programs beneficial. Finally, young adults grappling with mental health trials, including ADD/ADHD (attentional disorders) or self-harming behaviors, are often able to overcome their obstacles to success in an independent living program.

What Life Skills are Learned in an Independent Living Program?

Young adults are educated on a wide array of crucial life skills. They include money management which involves creating a monthly budget, paying bills, balancing a checking account, job skills training, as well as how to maintain a proper living space. The latter involves education on basic household chores, how to get help for household emergencies, contacting utility service providers, and using and maintaining a smoke detector and fire extinguisher. In addition, appropriate personal care is taught, which includes learning about the dangers of smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), knowing when to seek medical help, and the importance of daily activity. Food preparation, caring for clothes, and much more also taught, depending on what areas with which the young adult is most troubled.

What Treatment Modalities are Used at Independent Living Programs?

Therapeutic and treatment modalities used at an Independent Living Program often includes a 12 step program for struggling young adults caught up in the cycle of alcohol dependence, cognitive behavioral therapy that works to replace a Enthusiastic young adults feeling inspired at Independent Living treatment center for struggling young adultsclient's unhealthy behaviors with healthier ones, occupational therapy to improve functioning in the workplace, and wilderness therapy, which is necessary for learning how to approach challenges, set goals, and determine an appropriate solution. Although the specific treatment center will depend upon the young adult’s specific needs, as well as the program he or she is in, most independent living programs employ similar plans.

Therapy is often conducted in small groups, both same and mixed sex, as well as on an individual basis. Family sessions designed to facilitate the communication process are frequently encouraged.

At Therapy Insider, our licensed educational consultants are always available to direct the parents and families of at-risk young men and women in New York find the optimal therapeutic facility for their loved one. From assessing the criticalness of the situation to reviewing insurance options, we are faithful to finding the best and most affordable facility for each individual situation.

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