National Young Adults Ministries

Image of NYM logo The Mission of National Young Adults Ministries: Educating the church on the vast complexities of ministering to today’s young adults through encouragement and the equipment of the tools they need.

Their vision is simple... They want your vision to happen. You see, because there is no one model of ministry that is completely transferrable, their vision is always changing. They don't feel like they should tell you what to do, but they understand that God can grant you a vision and that they can provide the resources for that vision to be fulfilled.

Their mission is to:
Educate - Not only is this generation unlike any generation the world has ever seen, but this generation is also growing up in a culture unlike the world has every experienced. This is a generation and a culture of lost people. Similar to the importance of a missionary educating themselves on the nuances of the society they are called to, they strive to educate the church on the ever changing cultural climate of this generation.
Encourage - Ministry to young adults isn't easy. If it were, then every church would be doing it. Countless books have been written suggesting that the church isn't doing a very good job connecting with young adults. Their job, however, isn't to make you feel guilty about what you may not be doing, but to encourage you in what you can accomplish for the kingdom of God.
Equip - Through online resources, weekly blogs, and personalized training their desire is to equip you with the tools necessary to help you fulfill your vision in connecting young adults to God, the church, and their purpose in life.