Lesbian Gay Child Adolescent Psychiatric Association

Image of LAGCAPA logo The Mission of Lesbian Gay Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Association: Working towards improving the mental health of today’s adolescent lesbians and gays and to provide services to lesbian and gay parents.

The Lesbian and Gay Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Association (LAGCAPA) is an organization dedicated to the mental health needs of youth related to sexual minority issues. LAGCAPA is an affiliate of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), with which it works closely on a number of scientific, educational, and advocacy activities.

  • Their mission::
  • To promote changes within the practice of psychiatry and society at large which maximize the health and development of lesbian and gay youth and their families, and families with gay or lesbian parents.
  • To promote the delivery of medical and psychosocial services to all children and adolescents without regard to sexual orientation or gender.
  • To eliminate within the psychiatric profession and society at large, exploitation and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender.
  • To foster education about the needs of lesbian and gay youth to physicians of all specialties, mental health professionals, and the scientific community.
  • To encourage scholarly research of biopsychosocial issues relevant to understanding and serving lesbian and gay persons, particularly youth and their families, and families with gay or lesbian parents.
  • To increase the recognition of the roles and contributions of lesbian and gay psychiatrists and other lesbian and gay professionals who serve the needs of youth.
  • To support and encourage attendance of medical students and trainees at scholarly and professional meetings, including the meetings of this corporation.
  • To engage in other activities related to promoting the welfare of lesbian and gay youth, and children of gay or lesbian parents.