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Masternet - Young adults in recovery with group therapyCreated for parents, Masternet is the chief Mental and Behavioral Health directory site, pairing you with the ideal Transitional Living Services in Oakland, CA. Thousands of parents and their struggling young adults are getting significant help each day, through Masternet's vast network of transitional living programs for young adults, boarding schools, therapeutic programs, and mental health professionals.

Masternet advocates for and promotes psychologists, therapists, practitioners, sober coaches, and various other rehabilitation programs who serve the behavioral health needs of our country. As a result, parents often come to Masternet to get paired with the most suitable mental and behavioral health programs and services available for their child.

Although the most "suitable" Transitional Living Program for your young adult is likely located outside your hometown of Oakland, CA, the best Young Adult Transitional Living Programs accept enrollments from all across the nation.

Most Transitional Living Centers house young adults ranging from 18 to 25 years old, although some programs accept ages up to 30 years. These services and facilities are typically co-ed, and are designed for the purpose of helping those who need support with the drive, skills, education or motivation required for a successful "transition" into today's adult world.

A Masternet "family advocate" is available for your call today at (866) 439-0775. Inquire about the best fit for you!

Transitional Living Center for Young Adults

Based on a critical need throughout our country, Therapy Insider was developed to accommodate parents, as a resource for their struggling young adults who struggle to make sense of the social and economic challenges they face. We know that in today's society of "social" and "digital" media, many young people are growing increasingly ill-equipped to make the successful transition from their parents home to standing independently on their own.

Today, millions of young people are dropping out of college, and dropping out of life in general. As a whole, the millennial generation is migrating home in defeat, because they do not have the proper "tools" and skills to persevere.

Therapy Insider - young adult in transition at school

The Transitional Living Trend

This prevailing and escalating dilemma among the "millennial" generation has grabbed the attention of the resources in the behavioral health industry. As a result of the general "avoidant" behavior shown by this generation, many specialists are now referring to these millennials as "avoiders."

Also commonly known as the "failure to launch" syndrome, many of these young men and women reach a certain point in their lives where the spirit and ambition to learn independence and survival is simply neglected. Transitional Living Centers for young adults are becoming both "popular" and full, throughout the nation's industry of mental health facilities.

This unfortunate reality is apparent when one looks at the number of programs at full capacity with misplaced and troubled young adults. The good news is there are incredible, professional transitional living programs that guide and continue to strengthen thousands of young people with transformation and therapy.

The Therapy Insider affiliates of advocates and consultants are experts in this field of behavioral and mental health facilities. For information regarding insurance options, enrollments fees and transportation, call (866) 439-0775 today!


National Resources for Parents and Troubled Young Men and Women from Oakland, CA

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