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Young Adult Independent Living Programs - Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO Independent Living Programs for struggling young adults - men & women

There are many reasons why young adults from Kansas City, MO fail to thrive after the teen years.  One of the most prominent reasons is drug abuse and addiction.  If this is the case for you, call us now.  But there are many other reasons besides drug addiction.  Some young people from Kansas City, MO struggle with anxiety, learning disorders, or issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Regardless of the reason, we can help you find treatment through independent living programs specifically designed for young adults.

We can help set up the perfect scenario to find affordable independent living training for young adults in Kansas City, MO. The top Indpendent Living Programs provide residential living training, vocational development, and college support. But regardless of the reason your son or daughter is struggling, if you have a child who is a troubled young adult, please consider calling MasterNet.  We believe that we can coach you through your options. If you are ready to make some real progress and get over the hump, through the adversity, and on with life, then we can help.  The Family Advocates have helped hundreds of families and young adults find the right place to launch into adult hood with success and prosperity.

Independent living programs providing the following services:

Residents can attend local community colleges universities
Earn a GED
Attend Trade School
Academic Tutoring and Guidance
Resume creation
Job Coaching and Placement - monitoring of job performance
Leadership Training - emotional intelligence development
Personal Financial Mentoring (budgeting, banking, checking and savings accounts)
Repairing Personal Credit
Fitness, Wellness, and Good Health
Cooking and nutrition training
Learn to set and achieve personal, academic, and professional goals
Identifying personal values
Substance Abuse Counseling - Addictions Treatment
Sober Living Help
Individual & Group Therapy
Family Therapy

Best Programs for Young Adults - Independent Living - Kansas City, MO

Independent living programs in Kansas City, MO provide a safe place for struggling young adults to learn to become responsible and able adults. These young people have family support (parental support) but the family is unable to help.  These young adults are resistant to their parents help, and can't seem to make it on their own. If you are a parent of a struggling young adult, you are not alone! This problem has reached epidemic porportions all throughout the US.

While residing at these programs in Kansas City, MO young adults receive independent living training, counseling, job development and skill building. Skill building is designed to help the young adults learn to live independently and includes employment and vocation skills development, as well as a focus on improving educational pursuits. The top programs for struggling young adults are holistic, and focus on developing the entire life spectrum of a successful young person.

See search results for young adults independent living programs in Kansas City, MO below, or call 866-439-0775.  We can help!

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