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Programs that Treat Self Harm


Raising a troubled child is no easy task. However, when a child begins using forms for self harm the task becomes almost nearly impossible. Parents who are struggling to raise a self harming child who is out-of-control they may be relieved to know that there are countless programs for adolescents that offer multiple therapeutic services for youth that inflict harm on themselves. These specialized programs assist teenagers and families in overcoming the struggles and barriers being faced. Therapy Insider is a child placement services that helps parents find programs that offer treatment specifically for the issues of their troubled teen.

There are numerous reasons as to why youth begin using methods of self harm. These reasons may be due to the accumulation of poor decisions made by the child. When a teenager continues to make poor decision after poor decision they are likely to become depressed. When a struggling child makes endless amounts of poor choices and then becomes depressed due to the poor decisions that continue to be made, they may begin using methods of self harm in order to get a "temporary fix". Self harm may include cutting, scratching, burning, or inflicting any type of pain on oneself. Teens using methods of self harm do so in order to punish themselves for things they've done and are not proud of, or things that have been done to them that they feel responsible for (molestation, rape, abuse, neglect, etc).

Although there numerous programs that specialize in treating self harming youth, each one is slightly different than the next. However, these programs share a common goal. Helping adolescents overcome present-day adversity, develop coping mechanisms to overcome future adversity, and providing the life skills and knowledge necessary for kids to live up to their full potential. This is what all programs for troubled youth aim to do. However, the type of program chosen for a misguided youth should be based solely on the child's mental health and behavioral needs. Assessments and evaluations are designed to diagnose behavioral and mental health disorders that tend to go ignored and untreated, and are often times essential to their treatment.

Therapy Insider Provides Parents with Programs that Specialize in Treating Self Harming Behavior

It is extremely important that teenagers displaying acts of self harm receive immediate treatment. Although in most cases of self harm the intent is not to take ones life, it is always a possibility. The sooner teens receive treatment, the more likely they are to have a successful and long-lasting recovery. Therapy Insider's family advocates will answer any questions you have regarding therapeutic intervention and the enrollment process of placing your teen into a treatment program.