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Inpatient Treatment Programs for Adolescents and Young Adults


Very few teens or young adults consider inpatient treatment until they have suffered some significant consequences as a result of their substance abuse or out of control behavior. Consequences usually include legal, maritial, emotional, job, financial and/or physical.

When attending an inpatient treatment programs the teens or young adults are required to stay inside a medical facility strictly for the purpose of detoxing and being treated for drug or alcohol abuse, or other behavioral issues that have affected the lives of these teens or young adults in a negative manner. Today, most inpatient treatment programs  do extensive evaluations and assessments to help determine medical history, the personality of the teen or young adult, as well as any mental health problems that might exist. The ultimate objective of inpatient treatment is to help these struggling teens and struggling young adults see the changes they will need to make in their lives in order to be successful in abstaining from the negative behaviors that lead them down the road of loss and regret.

What Takes Place while Attending an Inpatient Treatment Program

No two inpatient treatment programs are quite the same. Some inpatient treatment programs are based on the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous. There are rules and regulations to make sure everyone is safe and cooperative. Days at a typical inpatient treatment program include some or all of the following activities:

  • group and individual therapy
  • lectures
  • exercise, yoga, etc
  • attending alcoholics anonymous and/or narcotics anonymous meetings
  • special therapies for psychiatric issues
  • personal homework assignments
  • music therapy, art therapy
  • duties, task, and responsibilities