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Adolescents and Peer Pressure


Adolescents and peer pressure is as big as it gets.  The greatest influence on an adolescent is "peer pressure".  The pressure is from the fear of rejection and the need to be accepted.  Adolescents are more willing to do things (act out and take risks) when they fear rejection from their peers, or are seeking significance from their peers.Adolescent Peer Pressure

As adolescents grow, develop, and move into adulthood, involvement with peers and the need for peer acceptance is huge. As adolescents begin to grow physically and emotionally their needs change.  There is no bigger need than the acceptance and identification with their peers. This is the time when adolescents are willing to violate the standards and norms they have grown up to believe in because the risk of rejection from their peers is a far greater concern.

Adolescents and Sub-cultures from Peer Pressure

Peers groups sub-culture, where together adolescents begin to question adult standards and begin to reject the need for parental authority. Adolescents find reassurance when they seek support from friends who understand and sympathize with their status in life. Basically, they are in a sub-culture with those who are in the same position. By trying new things and testing their ideas with their peers, there is less fear of being ridiculed or "shot down" by adults.