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Adolescent Depression


Adolescent depression is a disorder that affects many teenagers. Depression presents as sadness, discouragement, and a loss of self-worth and interest in normal activities.  Depression can be a response to an overwhelming situation that produces tremendous stress. iStock_000017381056Medium.jpeg

In teenagers, a depressed mood is common in the normal process of growing up.  Adolescent depression can be brought about by the influence of sex hormones, or the desire to become independent from parents.  It may also be a reaction to a disturbing event, such as a death of a close friend or relative, a breakup with a boy or girl friend, and failure in school.

Adolescents who are most likely to become depressed when they experience stressful events already have a low self-esteem, are ultra critical of themselves and others, or feel a loss of control.  Adolescent girls are twice as likely as boys to experience depression. A family history of depression also puts adolescents at risk to experience adolescent depression.

Depression can change the way adolescents see themselves, their lives, and the people around them. Adolescents who are depressed usually see everything negatively. They can't imagine that any problem or situation can be solved in a positive way, and express feeling trapped, alone, or hopeless.