Teen Celebrity Worship
The idolization of various well known figures. This can be dangerous when teens choose to emulate the behavior of poor role models.
Teen Culture
The overall characteristics of contemporary teen attitudes and behavior. This can have a great deal of influence over the individual choices each teen makes.
Teen Delinquency
When teens engage in dangerous and illegal behavior. Often, this behavior is a result of a lack of discipline or positive role models.
Teen Emotional Instability
Because teens are still developing their personality and becoming accustomed to their new level of independence, they will frequently have trouble regulating their emotions. This can also be due to hormonal changes that take place during the teen years.
Teen Lying
Deceptive behavior that often becomes common in youths who are making dangerous or risky decisions. In extreme cases this becomes chronic and can have a serious impact on personal interactions.
Teen Prescription Drug Abuse
A growing problem among teens, they will find these drugs easily available in their or friends houses. These drugs can be particularly dangerous due to the perception that prescribed medications are more safe than street drugs.
Teen Promiscuity
Sexual behavior that is often engaged in before teens are emotionally ready to handle the results. This is becoming an increasingly prominent problem in high school age children.
Teen Religious Beliefs
Often, a teen's personal spiritual beliefs will begin to develop as they start to develop an individual identity seperate from their parents.
Teen Sexting
When teens use cellphones to send explicit and suggestive messages to their peers or other individuals.
Teen Sexuality
Because teens are going through major hormonal changes and having their bodies mature they will begin to develop their own sexuality.
Teen Spirituality
The religious beliefs that at teen develops as they go through the process of maturing.
Television Addiction
Increasingly, children and teens are becoming addicted to T.V., this is defined as watching more than 3 hours every day.
Therapeutic Boarding School
A school that is designed to immerse youths in programs that can help them overcome the issues they have been dealing with while also providing academic support. These schools will often offer a wide variety of treatment options that take place over either the short or long term.
A person who has been trained in providing appropriate treatment to individuals struggling with their mental health. Finding the correct therapist is often an essential step in the overall recovery process.
One of the most commonly abused and dangerous substances. Because tobacco products almost always include nicotine, they are incredibly addictive. This is dangerous as they have been proven to cause a variety of cancers as well as other health problems.
The overall ability of a person to ingest substances without experiencing the same level of intoxication. This often leads to overdose, as individuals intake more substances in an effort to achieve the same results they had experienced earlier.
Tourettes Syndrome

A mental disorder that is characterized by involuntary verbal or physical tics. This can be difficult to improve upon without treatment.

The mental state of believing that you do not wish to be the gender you were born or that you were born the wrong gender. In extreme cases this can lead to surgery that attempts to reconcile the patients body with their desires.
An impactful event that causes damage to a person's mental or physical health. These events can often be a driving factor behind the formation of mental health issues.
Traumatic Bonding
An emotional connection that is formed between two people when one or both of them is going through a traumatic event.
Programs and services designed to bring about lasting change in those who have been dealing with mental health issues.
Troubled Boy
A male under the age of 18 who has chronically struggled with issues such as substance abuse, anger, depression, violence or poor school performance.
Troubled Girl
A female under the age of 18 who has chronically struggled with issues such as substance abuse, anger, depression, violence or poor school performance.
Troubled Teen

trou.bled teen


The term, 'troubled teen,' is used to identify adolescents who consistently display impulsive, self-destructive and out of control behaviors. The behavior of troubled teens can be modified after enrolling in a treatment program known as, psychiatric treatment for troubled teens.

Troubled teens display harmful behaviors such as self-harm, substance abuse, and rebelliousness. Adolescents who are considered to be 'troubled' are at risk of developing life-long, potentially fatal, habits. Troubled teens are at high risk of abusing harmful substances as a means of dealing with personal, psychological issues. For this reason, it is crucial for parents to seek treatment for their child.

Troubled teens suffer from severe, psychological disorders. It is because of these disorders that troubled boys and girls choose to display out of control behaviors. However, through psychological treatment, teens who are deemed as 'troubled,' can achieve psychiatric restoration. Additionally, therapeutic services such as therapeutic boarding schools, group homes, residential treatment centers and wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens are viable choices for parents of troubled teens to consider.

When teens or younger children do not attend school without getting the permission of their parents and school officials.