A slang term for a party or concert that generally involves taking drugs such as ecstasy and MDMA. The growing popularity of these events has led to a proliferation of these drugs.
Reactive Attachment Disorder
A disorder that causes children to have extreme difficulty in forming healthy social relationships. In some cases this results in over familiarity with strangers, in others a reluctance to engage and connect with even family members. This condition is often the result of a child failing to establish a connection with parents or caregivers during the first few months of their life.
The process of overcoming difficulties ranging from mental health problems to addiction through therapy and professional guidance.
When a person's mental state transitions to a more childlike state as a result of trauma.
Relationship Counseling
Therapy and exercises designed to help families and couples strengthen their relationships while overcoming any issues they have been struggling with. This therapy generally takes place under the supervision of a trained psychologist.
When a behavior, personality trait, or memory is prevented from being manifested. This can take place consciously or unconsciously depending on the situation.
Residential Treatment Center
A program that provides a place to live so that participants can be engaged in their recovery 24 hours a day. This is often helpful as it removes the temptations and distractions that might cause relapse in an outpatient treatment environment.
The ability to mentally rebound from difficult and traumatic situations. Having this trait is very important to the long-term mental health of an individual.
Responsibility In Teens
Teens understanding the potential consequences of their actions and being willing to accept those consequences.
A drug that is commonly used to treat ADD and ADHD. This has become increasingly popular as diagnosis for these conditions become more common.
Role Model
A person that provides a behavioral model to children and teens. Role models are often important to the formation of values and beliefs. In many cases, children will view parents or older siblings as role models.
Ropes Adventure Therapy
A unique form of therapy that relies upon using the experience of going through simulated danger in an obstacle course while accompanied by a counselor. The goal of this experience is to help a person come to terms with issues like substance abuse, anger, or depression.
Children and teens who are considered troubled and have attempted on or more times to leave home without their parents permission. Often, these youths will struggle with issues like depression, anger, and substance abuse.