A wide range of prescription drugs that are often addictive and have similar effects to small doses of heroin or opium. One of the reasons for this similarity is the the fact that like these drugs they are often poppy based.
Panic Attack
An extreme burst of anxiety that can be random or brought on by some catalyst. Those experiencing a panic attack will often have trouble breathing and may even pass out.
Panic Disorder
A mental issue in which a person suffers from frequent and extreme attacks of anxiety and stress. There are a variety of panic disorders that can cause these symptoms.
Parental Alienation
When children become unreasonably angry at or emotionally detached from their parents. This most frequently occurs in cases where parents have recently divorced.
Also known as angel dust, this street drug is incredibly dangerous and causes dissociative and hallucinogenic effects.
The friends and acquaintances that a person associates with on a regular basis. These individuals can have a great deal of influence on a person's actions and beliefs.
Permissive Parenting
A parenting style in which parents are extremely lax in setting and enforcing rules. This can lead to many different behavioral problems in children.
Personality Disorders
A condition that results in a person adopting patterns of thinking and behavior that are not compatible with society.
A common hallucinogenic drug.
A deep seated fear or inhibition. Often, these will negatively impact a persons life and require counseling or therapy to overcome
Plant Food
A drug that is similar to bath salts in that it was marketed as plant food to avoid legal issues. It is a stimulant that can cause health issues ranging from difficulty concentrating to hallucinations.
Play Therapy
When therapists interact with children through play and use this interaction to understand the problems they are facing and provide solutions.
Pornography Addiction
A mental dependence on the stimulation provided by pornography. This dependence will often quickly become a major focus of a person's life, getting in the way of other important matters.
Positive Peer Culture
The influence of peers in a way that encourages the formation of healthy values and good choices. This is often essential to the success of teens and their ability to avoid things like substance abuse and violence.
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
A mental disorder that results from being in situations of incredibly stress. It is often characterized by extreme anxiety, stress, difficulty managing emotions and depression. This disorder is frequently seen in soldiers returning from combat situations.
Postpartum Depression
A hormonal imbalance that is common in women after giving birth. This often requires medication or therapy to deal with but will fade relatively quickly.
A slang term for marijuana. This substance is illegal and thought to have a negative impact on brain and lung function.
Prescription Drugs
Drugs that are used as medications and are given to individuals be doctors to treat specific problems. Unfortunately, it is very common for these medications to later be abused.
An indication of a disorder that might already fully exist or may be forming.
The outcome of a illness or disorder that is predicted by a clinician. When someone is diagnosed, they will generally also receive a prognosis.
Psychiatric Treatment Programs
Therapeutic treatments designed to help those suffering from mental disorders recover.
A process by which a trained psychologist or psychiatrist seeks to identify the reasons behind the problems a person is facing and guide them towards effective solutions.
A person who specializes in studying the mind and how mental function influences behavior.
The study of the human mind and behavior. This field of science directly relates to the treatment of disorders involving mental illness.
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
The process of getting an individual who has been treated for a mental disorder re-involved in their community and previous life after they leave treatment.
An obsession with fire. Often those suffering from pyromania will have a compulsive need to light fires.