Gambling Addiction
The compulsive need to place bets. This can often be incredibly damaging to an individuals finances and personal life.
Gender Identity
A person's individual view of their sexual identity and the role they believe that plays in their life.
Gender Role
The cultural expectation of how a male or female is supposed to behave. This can cause problems when it conflicts with an individuals beliefs or desires.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
A condition where a person experiences anxiety that isn't directly related to a particular situation or cause.
Girls Boarding Schools
A facility that offers educational and therapeutic services to girls who have been struggling with problems like depression, substance abuse, violence, or poor academic performance.
The emotional and mental state that results when a person is dealing with the results of a traumatic event or personal loss.
Group Homes
A therapeutic treatment option that centers around providing a controlled environment where an individual can live while they address their issues. These often include constant care and supervision by a trained staff.
Group Therapy
A form of treatment that emphasizes shared experience and communal support in the recovery process. This type of therapy is often useful for teens, due to the high degree of influence peers exert over their actions and beliefs.
Gustatory Hallucination
A hallucination that focuses on a person smelling something that isn't actually there. This can occur due to drug use or a variety of mental conditions.