You Have To See What An Artist Can Do With 64,000 Chopsticks

You Have To See What An Artist Can Do With 64,000 Chopsticks

Written by Franko Mandato, Posted on , in Section Essential Reads

"Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created (such as an idea, a joke, an artistic or literary work, a painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention etc.). The ideas and concepts so conceived can then manifest themselves in any number of ways, but most often, they become something we can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste." This is the definition found in Wikipedia defining creativity, providing a perfect description of an artist by the name of Hong Yi, aka Red.

In one of the most beautiful displays of artistic creativity, Hong Yi demonstrates that there is no impossibility but what the mind can conceive. After taking a month to gather 64,000 chopsticks, she prepares a gift that she was commissioned to make for Jackie Chan's 60th Birthday Celebration.

Hong Yi does not stop at chop sticks, but works with multiple mediums in order to create her artistic expressions. It seems that her optimism and enjoyment in trusting her signature strengths has inspired many followers.

When considering your personal strengths--and you have them--realize that the greatest buffer against depression is recognizing and acting in your strengths. Moreover, life satisfaction and happiness is largely dependent upon you identifying, nurturing, and applying your strengths in your daily life. Hong Yi wonderfully provides the example that finding, believing, and applying our strengths can make the world a magical place.