Will Ben Carson Be The Second Black President?

Will Ben Carson Be The Second Black President?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Embracing Our Uniqueness

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When Dr. Benjamin Carson appeared on The View this week, what was initially billed as a promotional stop for his book quickly escalated into a discussion about the very ideological foundations of America and the direction our country should be heading in the future. In a fascinating conversation, Carson outlined many of the problems he sees with the direction liberals are taking our country. In particular, he takes issue with recent developments, such as Obamacare, which are moving us away from the free market and closer to a welfare state. Take a look at his criticisms of a government that encourages people to be dependent and helpless and see if you can picture him in the White House in two years.

A Scathing Critique Of The Direction Our Country Is Heading

During this conversation, it's easy to see that Whoopi Goldberg and Ben Carson are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but everything he says appeals to common sense and shuts down her arguments. This is a man who stands for true conservative values and wants what is best for the American people. In particular, his views on the nature of dependency address many of the fundamental issues our country has been struggling with for years. Liberals would have you believe that government programs like food stamps and welfare are absolutely necessary, but are they really?

I believe that Carson is correct when he says that if you remove a person's drive to improve their circumstances, you aren't doing them any favors. If we really want to see things improve, poor communities need to be motivated, not just maintained by government handouts. Cutting off food stamps and housing subsidies would surely provide a great incentive to find work if the alternative is having your family go hungry and sleep on the streets. Perhaps this is what the poor really need, a sword hanging over their heads forcing them to take advantage of economic opportunities.

Can Ben Carson Get America Back On Track?

If you look at his background, it's easy to see where Carson's views on welfare and government dependency arise from. He was born into terrible economic circumstances, raised by a single mother in a poor Detroit neighborhood, but through determination and support of family and friends was able to graduate from college and eventually become one of the foremost neurosurgeons of our time. This background has given him a unique insight into the struggles of the poor and could make him a fantastic president. Lets hope he decides to throw his hat in the ring.