What Does a Total Failure Look Like?

What Does a Total Failure Look Like?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Inspirational

In order for a person to have a real shot at making it as a professional athlete these days, they need to start when they are young and spend a significant amount of time practicing. As a person progresses through their sport, they become more and more involved and have more time invested. They begin to have a laser like focus and pick a target to start working towards, and this works at all levels. This could be a high school state championship, winning an Olympic gold medal, the Superbowl, or the World Series.  

When you obtain this focus, you begin to shut out distractions and give up on some of the comforts of life.  This isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, it takes determination to not give up when it gets hard.  Although it is can have a huge pay off, what happens if you fall short?

So many dedicated athletes feel that they have completely failed if they don’t accomplish their end goal to its fullest.  Like the Superbowl, these athletes have sacrificed their time for a shot at this one game. A winner takes all event and the loser, well, they feel as if everything they have worked for has just slipped through their fingers and all is lost.  

Setting The Right Goals

What they fail to see is all that they have gained on their path to victory.  They have a healthy body, the ability to focus, and a whole list of other great qualities that come from competition.  This is nothing to ignore, although their end goal may have fallen short the journey to get to that point is worth looking at.  When you focusing all energy on one monumental event, if that doesn’t happen it can cause a state of depression, it is best to look at the whole picture and think about what will happen if I don’t win, does it change who I am as a person?

This can also be applied to real life situations. Don’t focus so much on one make or break event that if it doesn’t happen, your dreams will be crushed forever.  Life doesn’t always go our way and there will always be winners and losers. The best thing you can do is continue to push forward with the same determination to succeed that no matter what side of the line you fall on.


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