The Post-Jason Collins World: How Gay Teens Can Define Themselves By Excellence

The Post-Jason Collins World: How Gay Teens Can Define Themselves By Excellence

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Inspirational

For years professional sports have operated under a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy where homosexuality was concerned. A professional athlete has finally taken the courageous step of admitting his sexuality.  Teens everywhere that are struggling with feelings of inferiority or fear of their sexuality can now take heart in the fact that men, like Jason Collins can take that step. It is not easy to be different and many teens fear to be treated differently. Teens that strive for excellence ensure that those around them will see them for their abilities rather than their sexual preference. 

Teens Struggle with Being Different and Fear The Reaction of Their Peers

Jason Collins Discussed how it took him years to feel comfortable coming out and it will most likely be the same for many teens. The fear that they will be persecuted by their peers and loved ones is a strong deterrent to many teens. However it is imperative that teens learn their sexuality does not define them, and striving for excellence can set them on a path of success. No matter what people say, those teens that strive for excellence will quickly learn that self worth is important.

The self-esteem boost that teens will gain when they see the results of their hard work can go a long way towards helping them along their path of coming out.  Jason Collins has set an example for teens that are struggling with their sexuality. Hard work has always set him a part in his career, he threw himself into training always striving to be the best and most competative at his position. Through his hard work Jason Collins brought himself to the biggest stage of the sport he loves, and became the first major sport american athlete to come out.

Parents can Encourage Their Teens to Strive for Excellence

Parents can provide their son or daughter with the support they need. Teens that are struggling in this have role models that have taken the first steps and left a path for them to follow.