Teen Girls Will Be Internet Feminists

Teen Girls Will Be Internet Feminists

Written by Elaine Wilson, Posted on , in Section Inspirational

When people hear the word “feminist” they often think of bra burning, crazed ladies, demanding justice. However, there are hundreds of women quietly working behind the scenes to make a difference for future generations. These are the women making the greatest impact, most especially on teen girls.

Women from all over the world are joining forces online and producing articles, blogs, groups, and other various websites, all in support of the feminist cause. The World Wide Web has helped women everywhere to come together and teach other what they know, along with making a bigger statement over gender equality.

Women make the majority of Internet users every day, and the same is true for tween and teenage girls. Girls look all over (often from links on Facebook) and notice what is being talked about—the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, and stories of celebrities or other young girls. And it is these girls that can make the most difference.

An International Following

Both teens and tweens are the next generation of leaders. As girls of the 21st century, none of them have ever known a time before the Internet, and they easily use it to learn and reach out to others. In this, these girls have the power to affect change and bring about the next wave of feminism that could change the entire course of this country.

In an article titled, “The Revolution will be Feminised,” the author Zing Tsjeng discusses how quickly feminism has moved across the Internet. In this digital age, almost everyone is getting the chance to be heard, and to learn. Before the Internet, only those in extreme power were heard, and not often did they represent the true feelings of the people. Women are taking a stand, forming groups and making a difference, and, as Tsjeng wrote, “Across geographical distances, they’re working out what unites them more than what divides them” (dazeddigital.com).

I want my teen readers to realize just how important they are as part of this Internet Feminist Revolution. You girls are the ones that will carry this on into the next few decades and will teach your own daughters the importance of gender equality. Use the power at your fingertips to remind others of how special they are, how much promise they hold, and to encourage them always. Find other girls who are just as positive as you are and find your own ways of change, but also never hesitate to find support when you need it. We are all in this together, and together, we can make the greatest difference.