Six Simple Ways to Overcome Depression

Six Simple Ways to Overcome Depression

Written by Logan Mazzettia, Posted on , in Section Stress Relief

Depression and general feelings of unhappiness are two very different animals. Unhappiness usually stems from external sources, where depression is an internal battle. Depression can shut out the white light of hope and skew our perception of reality. Here are 5 steps we can follow to ease the burden of depression.

1. Avoid Focusing on the Negative: There are many wonderful things we can entertain ourselves with. People who are depressed tend to think negatively and blame themselves for things that are wrong in their lives. Monitor the negative thoughts that you have and don’t take them seriously. Keep in mind that these thoughts are coming from a depressed person, and not a healthy, functioning person.

2. Use the Sun: The sun has powerful effects on our bodies. We live in a changing world where we frequently spend more time inside (especially in the winter months). Go outside and exercise, or purchase a sunlamp that replaces the unnatural light we get from being indoors all the time. Exercise can also be a great change of pace after sitting all day and encourages positive thinking.

3. Keep a Journal: There are many different approaches to keeping a journal. Some people will simply write everything that happens in a day. Others just track things they are grateful for or conversely the negative things that happen in their lives. Having this creative outlet can ease the pain that spawns from depression and help us recognize that not everything that happens is bad.

4. Meet with a Therapist: Cognitive therapy can help immensely while battling depression. It is based on the premise that certain ways of thinking can trigger health issues. A counselor will help you understand your thought patterns and identify any false or harmful thoughts that you may be having. Even speaking with a close friend about issues you are having can help you recognize your problems and deal with them head on.

5. Listen to Upbeat Music: Listening to upbeat music can make a world of difference. Music can completely change our mood and way of thinking. Listen to something you enjoy or even pick up an instrument and play along.

6. Don’t give up: We don’t need to mistake local cloud cover for general darkness. Things can always improve and almost always will. Depression can turn us into shut-ins and make us want to hide from the world and our problems. Get out and try new things. As hard as it might be, having something to fight for can give us the motivation we need to overcome what holds us back.