Removing the Stigma of Teen Treatment: Can Michael Jackson

Removing the Stigma of Teen Treatment: Can Michael Jackson

Written by Wendy Rogers, Posted on , in Section Therapy News

Mental health issues have become more recognized by the general populace in recent years. However, there is still a stigma that mental issues are, "All in your head" and can easily be fixed if you just change your thinking. Some people even scoff at their existence and don't believe medication or treatment is necessary. In reality, mental illness is no different than physical ailments. As a society it would be unthinkable to let a child suffer from a broken leg without seeking immediate medical help. Perhaps the visibility of a physical injury is easier to identify. Teen Treatment has become a recent media subject as Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, has been in the news due to her recent attempted suicide. As an unseen ailment, you may not know how deep their issues may be. Nor may you know how close they may be to suicide.

As with most teens, Paris Jackson's attempted suicide came as a surprise to many people. That is the frightening part as it is unpredictable. One of the most frightening experiences in a parents life may be finding out their teen has attempted suicide. Another important precaution to consider is that most teens who attempt suicide will try again. Following up on your instincts that your child may need help could save their life. 

As unfortunate as mental illness may be, Paris Jackson's recent incident has brought more awareness to the need for teen treatment. Her experience have given light to the subject and provided more information to parents. Paris Jackson is currently in a treatment center aided by professional counselors. The ripple effect of the media attention on her may definitely impact enough people and save the lives of other teens in similar situations.