Poet Living On The Streets Found By His Family

Poet Living On The Streets Found By His Family

Written by Dr. Cory Reich, Ph.D., Posted on

What does it take to get to know someone, to really understand them? Research clearly indicates that nothing has a greater impact upon our well being and the ability to generate coping skills in facing life challenges than our belief that we are loved and supported by others. Authentic empathy changes lives and possesses the power to change human nature. The courage to display this empathy, which contains the invitation to be included, loved, and feel valued is expressed beautifully in this video that takes place in Brazil.

It's inspiring to see how one woman making the choice to reach out to this man who everyone else ignored changed many lives. Without her compassion, this man would never have reconnected with his family and would likely still be living on the same street corner. Furthermore, her actions provided the entire community with an opportunity to come together and form deeper connections.

The Human Experience Of Love

This man successfully compresses the complicated but simple message of the human experience. The beautiful message that we all have a desire to love and be loved, to discover and develop strengths and engage in life, to live with meaning and purpose. Authentic empathy possesses the unique influence that often heals and inspires the human condition to believe and overcome, to see our reason for living!

Interestingly, research indicates that when we see others in need, and we don't want to take the time to engage with them, the way we "don't want to know them" is often supported by depersonalizing or objectifying of the person. Or even worse, we make a judgment that they created their situation, so they need to figure out how to get out of it. Either conclusion, suspends your wanting to know them. 

This video wonderfully demonstrates the power of empathy, and how wanting to get to know someone solicits compassion and support. The result is not just a life being changed but a family was restored. Additionally, the ripple effect upon thousands of others is being felt through the signature strengths will be influenced by inspired writings! I want to be part of these kind of stories, don't you?