Is Your Child Being Pushed Towards Suicide?

Is Your Child Being Pushed Towards Suicide?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Personal Growth

AllPhotos 570.jpegA recent article in the New York Times brings up the tragic case Rebecca Ann Sedwick, a 12 year old girl who recently committed suicide after being extensively bullied by peers online. Reportedly, she as severely harassed by a number of her peers who urged her to kill herself using online apps like Kik Messenger. This tragic story raises a number of questions about how parents can be aware of bullying that is taking place in their children's lives and what they can do to deal with it. In addition, while there have recently been a number of highly publicized cases involving cyber-bullying, it is also important for parents to be aware of what is taking place in their child's school. To truly prevent bullying, a comprehensive approach must be taken that emphasizes how this behavior happens in many places and through many mediums. We must also seek to build up better resources for those who are being bullied, so that they are not left in the desperate circumstances that might lead them to consider suicide.

Losing A Child To Suicide

I know first hand that losing a child to suicide is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. While she was growing up, my daughter always seemed like a normal, happy child. She was a carefree person who never let anything bother her. Unfortunately, this all started to change around the time she entered high school. Suddenly, she seemed to place a great deal of importance on the approval of her peers and this was in short supply. Though she kept most of it to herself, I later found out that a large group of girls had been systematically targeting her for harassment and abuse. This started with them spreading rumors and trying to get other to ostracize her. Eventually, the harassment escalated and even became physical. It later came out that she tried to seek out help from school administrators but wasn't taken seriously. I only wish she had turned to me and her mother for help. After going through this situation for over a year, I could see the changes in my daughter but I just attributed it to her being a teenager. If only I had taken it more seriously I could have gotten her the help she needed. It all came to a head one Saturday when my wife and I returned home and discovered her passed out on the bathroom floor with an empty pill bottle laying by her side. The EMT's rushed her to the hospital but it was too late, there was nothing they could do to save her. Since that day, I've devoted my life to trying to open people's eyes to the dangers of bullying and get victims the help they need.

Preventing Suicide In Children And Teens

One of the most important things for parents to take away from these two tragic stories is the importance of keeping open lines of communication. A teen who is being bullied may be incredibly reluctant to come forward and ask for help, but there will be behavioral indicators that can warn parents that something is taking place. If you begin to notice your teen acting depressed, angry, afraid, or extremely reluctant to attend school, then it is important that you look deeper into the situation. Parents may need to contact school officials and ensure that no harassment is taking place. It is an unfortunate reality that many teachers and other school officials will hesitate to stop these activities if parents don't hold them accountable. Ultimately, you must just try to maintain your relationship with your son or daughter while offering support and guidance. An involved parent can make a world of difference for a child or teen who is being bullied.

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