Internet of Caring?

Internet of Caring?

Written by Terik Elamrani, Posted on , in Section Inspirational

The internet can be a horrible, awesome, great, terrible, uplifting place. But that is not the end of the story.

Like with all aspects of life, the internet has a good side and a bad side. If you’ve ever played a competitive online video game, you probably know that the anonymity that the internet provides can bring out the worst in people. On the other hand, the internet provides us with the easiest way to provide assistance or help for others. 

Online communities

For example, there are multiple online communities such as that provide support and assistance to people that are in need.

The internet can be used for great things and there seems to be an increasing amount of charity and assistance provided by it. Reddit is one of many websites that has communities dedicated to helping those in need.

With Reddit sections such as /r/RandomActsofPizza, which provides free pizza for those in need and /r/Frugal, which is a community dedicated to helping people be as frugal as possible, the internet is a place where people care about each other. 

Connect and help

Getting involved in helping others is a great task. There are many ways to help people in your own community, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter or donating to a food bank, but how can someone expand to help people that are outside of their own community?

The internet has provided the solution. Helping people on the other side of the planet is now easier than ever before. A few minutes and a couple of clicks is all that it takes to donate to a worthwhile cause, even if that cause is in an entirely different country.

This means that seeking help is easier than before as well. Simply connect to one of the thousands of online communities dedicated to helping others and see for yourself.