How Many Reasons Do You Need To Seek Treatment For Your Teen?

How Many Reasons Do You Need To Seek Treatment For Your Teen?

Written by Craig Rogers, Posted on , in Section Turn For The Better

If someone posed the question, "How many times would your child need to scream for help before you would rush to his aid?" I would want to respond to them saying that's a ridiculous question. As soon as I could tell he was starting to drown! I wouldn't need to wait for him to scream for help. It's a little harder when their cries for help are much more subtle and they may not even be aware that they are in the deep end of the water. So, I don't think it's a question of how many reasons I would need, but rather a question of what is it I need to know to recognize that my son or daughter needs treatment.

If Only I Had Seen The Signs

Too many parents reflect back on the signs they missed after their adolescent has gone too far. They learn after the fact because of his behavior, mental illness issues, or drug and alcohol abuse. Few parents have the education or training to even recognize the signs they should be watching for. Most moms and dads live busy lives and are not professional therapists. Just as a dentist may not recognize shoddy construction on a home, neither can a parent recognize mental health issues when they don't have therapeutic training. Without the proper tools and knowledge, no one can know exactly what to do. If you need advice on ways to support your child, please contact Therapy Insider. immediately and speak to a professional. We are experts in bringing families together.