Recent Studies and Reports Prove E-Cigarettes Not as Safe as Previously Thought

Recent Studies and Reports Prove E-Cigarettes Not as Safe as Previously Thought

Written by Cristo Rogers, Posted on , in Section Teens & Tweens

With its popularity amongst tobacco users first making its mark during the early 2010s, e-cigarettes, aka "vapes," have since risen from abject obscurity to ubiquitous, cultural fetishization, ostensibly cementing a permanent place for 'vape culture' atop the social zeitgeist in just a few short years.

As for the unprecedented growth? E-cigarettes and other vaping products' rise in popularity can be largely attributed to vaping being generally regarded as a safe alternative to conventional tobacco smoking, with many users (colloquially known as "vapors") perceiving the act of vaping as downright harmless.

Without the Oversight of Scientific Research to Slow its Popularity (Especially Among Youth), the Vape Industry Was Able to Flourish for Nearly a Decade

Being a relatively new cultural craze, the first decade of vaping was too novel for there to be any significant scientific research to refute its benign reputation.

Consequently, throughout the last decade, western civilization has borne witness as the historically untouchable cigarette cartel finally suffered its first critical, karmic hit to its cancerous industry's previously bulletproof and quite literal death-defying stock market value, while vaping products, emboldened by the industry's millions of impassioned, often young demographic of 'vapors,' appeared primed to all but take over the tobacco smoking trade.

However, as e-cigarette companies like Juul - whose CEO recently stepped down in light of the company's nefarious marketing tactics that included heavily targeting underage, high school teens - can attest, the meteoric rise of vape culture appears to finally be showing signs of slowing down.

And, while it is was initially thought by many to be much safer than traditional, highly carcinogenic cigarette-smoking, recent reports on certain vaping products' adverse, and in some cases, even life-threatening effects on their user's health have many feeling disillusioned with the industry's so-called 'safer' alternative to old-fashioned smoking.

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Several recent studies have suggested that electronic cigarettes may not be as safe as we may think, and a new study now adds that these popular devices leak harmful metals — some of them highly toxic.

e-cigarette vapors

New research suggests that toxic metals leaking from e-cigarettes could endanger health.

Ever since their release on the global market, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have been hailed, generally, as a safer alternative to the regular ones.

These devices work by heating up a flavored liquid that sometimes — though not always — contains nicotine.

Instead of smoke, e-cigarettes release aerosols, or "vapors," which is why users of e-cigarettes are often referred to as "vapers," and the act of "smoking" using this device is dubbed "vaping."

Despite the popular belief that e-cigarettes are better for our health than traditional ones, recent research has indicated that these devices could bring about fresh, and little understood, risks.