Could Prescribing Ritalin to a Child Lead to Addiction Issues for Troubled Teen Boys?

Could Prescribing Ritalin to a Child Lead to Addiction Issues for Troubled Teen Boys?

Written by Logan Mazzettia, Posted on , in Section Turn For The Better

ADD/ADHD problems in troubled teen boys are very difficult to deal with. Finding the right kind of treatment for kids with these problems is never a simple task. Parents may be wary of introducing prescription medication such as Ritalin into the treatment of their troubled teen boys. Getting treatment for adolescents is something that each and every parent has to take into account for their individual troubled teen. Mt. Pleasant Academy is a residential treatment center that can offer much therapy to students with these types of problems. .

Ritalin and Its Relation to Drug Addiction in Students with ADD/ADHD

Parents may be considerably nervous about putting their student with ADD/ADHD on a drug like Ritalin, but studies show that teenagers that who are prescribed stimulants at an early age don't show any increased risk of developing addiction problems. Despite this, troubled teen boys with ADD/ADHD are still at an increased risk for substance abuse, regardless of whether they are receiving medication for such issues. There's no solid answer as to why this is; some say it's because troubled teens with these problems are impulsive and lacking in risk assessment abilities. 

Regardless of whether you as a parent decide to take the route of medication for your troubled teen's ADD/ADHD problems, being aware of what your student is taking and the activities that they are involved in can mean a world of difference for those at risk. The decision to get medication for your son or daughter is one that must be weighed carefully. Parents should talk to doctors about the long and short term effects of such drugs on their children.