Are We Raising A Generation of Entitled Narcissists

Are We Raising A Generation of Entitled Narcissists

Written by E D, Posted on , in Section Teens & Tweens

Compared to previous generations, teens today all seem to want the biggest and best.  Yet, it seems that none of them want to actually work towards getting it themselves.  The emphasis on material wealth has certainly shifted in more recent generations.  With general quality of life improvements, and the improved accessibility of just about everything has made a lot of things much more obtainable with less effort.

Does this mean that we are raising a generation of entitled narcissists, probably not to the extent that we believe.  When you ask an older generation if young people today are increasingly narcissistic, they may just be inclined to agree.  What they may actually be doing is confusing generational change with the fact that young people are just more narcissistic than they are.  Our culture has actually been obsessed with the emerging "me" generation since as early as 1907. (The Atlantic, September 1907 "Why American Marriages Fail")

Entitlement goes along the same vein.  Every young person feels that they deserve the best.  Don't they, deserve the best?  They are our children after all, and we make so many sacrifices for our children.  This doesn't mean they shouldn't have to work for what they want.  They want something; they can have it, as long as they earn it in a manner that satisfies your family values.  

But My Teen is an Entitled Narcissist

They probably are.  Facebook allows teens to do so much today that simply wasn't possible before.  I'm not blaming facebook, but it gives teens a brand new level to the game of bragging.  They can get praise and reinforcement through the simple number of 'likes' they receive.  They can even do all this from anywhere they want to as long as they have their cell phone.

What this means is that young people are flat out narcissistic.  That much is true, but what also tends to emerge as a trend is that these same young people 'get over them selves' as they get older.  Have faith that no matter how obnoxious, narcissistic, or entitled they may act now, eventually they will get over it.