Are Some Addictions Worse Than Others for Young Adults

Are Some Addictions Worse Than Others for Young Adults

Written by Logan Mazzettia, Posted on , in Section Teens & Tweens

Are some addictions worse than others for young adults?  This is a very tough question to say the least.  Addictions come in such a variety of forms; Drug addiction, Alcoholism, Gaming addiction, even love, and self-addictions.  So how are we to judge which are worse than others?  All addictions, regardless of which face it wears can become a destructive force in the addicts life if it remains left unchecked.

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Addiction must be taken case by case.  It is a trap to try and categorize them together in terms of which is worse than which.  Gaming addiction can just as easily destroy a young adult’s life as drug addiction.  The end results of deteriorated health, strained relationships, financial woes, are all similar.  Both provide an escape from reality, a lessening of the addicts’ problems while they actively engage in their “drug” of choice.  Statistically, many more people abuse alcohol than any other addiction, but the number of alcohol related deaths compared to drug related deaths is surprisingly lower.  Gaming typically costs less than alcoholism, and the number of deaths related to gaming is extremely low.

So where do we truly draw the line that defines if one addiction should not be taken as seriously as another?  Addiction should never be taken lightly, no matter what form it takes.  Addiction by itself is destructive, this is irrefutable.  Don’t allow yourself to be lured into a false sense of ease; no addiction should ever be taken lightly.

Young Adults Struggling With Addictions Affect Everyone Around Them.

Drug abuse and Alcoholism take their toll out on everyone surrounding the abuser.  Family, children and relationships suffer the most due to their proximity to the abuser.  Their lives are impacted through their daily interactions.  Careers are affected, addiction can severely lower productivity and strain co-worker relations.  Sometimes, even strangers can be affected; the car crash that took the lives of two sisters in the back seat, or the cashier shot so the drug addict can rob a store to get money for their next fix.  Addiction is a dangerous illness that should never be taken lightly.  Call to get help now.  1-866-439-0775.