An Innovative New Campaign To Discourage Teen Boys From Having Sex

An Innovative New Campaign To Discourage Teen Boys From Having Sex

Written by Mark Lounsbury, Posted on , in Section Therapy News

In a new program designed to encourage teenagers to understand the potential consequences of sex, a number of billboards which depict pregnant teenage boys have been placed around Chicago. While many people view these billboards as humorous, they also seem to be effective at encouraging a dialogue about the potential impact that unprotected teenage sex can have on the lives of young boys and girls. However, ultimately it is important to examine whether these type of public education programs are successful in discouraging the behavior or if they are just a waste of time and money.

Are These Strategies Effective At Stopping Teens From Having Sex?

What seems clear from the data on this subject is that these public service messages have little effect on the overall incidence of teenage sex. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are useless. It has been shown that these programs can be effective at encouraging teenagers to make safer choices when they do have sex. Ultimately, if these programs are successful in stopping teens from having unsafe sex then they are still valuable, even if they don't stop the sex altogether. Hopefully, more programs like the one launched in Chicago are able to have this impact.

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