9 Most Common Reasons Parents And Teens Fight

9 Most Common Reasons Parents And Teens Fight

Written by Mark Lounsbury, Posted on , in Section Must Reads

If you have a teenager, then you probably already realize how difficult it can be to avoid having frequent fights. This is a list of frequent reasons parents and teens fight and easy ways to try to defuse the situation. These techniques can help you form a better relationship with your son or daughter.

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1 - Chores 

Teens frequently fail to contribute to the household in the way parents want. This means either not getting their chores done or doing them poorly. Teens on the other hand often feel like parents are just trying to load them up with work. Either way, this is a frequent catalyst for conflicts. Try to communicate to your teen why it is important for them to contribute to the household.

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2 - Dating 

Many parents want input into the people their children date. Unsurprisingly, this is the last subject that most teens want any advice from their parents on. When parents insist on approving or rejecting potential dates, fights are sure to ensue. While there are definitely some boundaries that need to be set, try to stay out of your teen's way as much as possible.

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3 - Drug use

Teens will often experiment with drugs and this is happening at increasingly early ages. This is the last thing parents want their teens doing and when they become aware of this behavior there is sure to be conflict in the family.

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4 - Friends 

Similar to the fights that occur over dating, parents will often want some level of control over the friends their teens spend time with. To avoid fights on this subject, parents need to be willing to be open minded about their teen's friends and teens need to make responsible choices about the company they keep.


5 - Poor school performance 

Teens often don't understand how important school performance is to the future opportunities they will enjoy. Even if it does cause fights, it is important for parents to intervene and make sure their teen gets back on the right track.


6 - Style 

Teens want to dress in their own style. Sometimes, this means wearing things that parents don't believe are appropriate. Because teens often feel very strongly about finding their own look, they will fight with their parents about this tooth and nail. Try to understand why your teen is establishing their own look and be flexible.

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7 - Drinking

Everybody knows that drinking is common among teens, but nobody wants their son or daughter doing it. The best way to avoid a fight on this subject is to simply avoid it becoming a problem in the first place. Have a frank discussion with your teen about the dangers of drinking when they are underage.

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8 - Spending time with the family

Teens are trying to establish their own identity, separate from their family. This desire encourages them to withdraw from their families to a degree. At the same time, many parents want their teens to be very involved in family activities. You can avoid fights about this by remaining flexible while making it clear which events your teen must attend.

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9 - Responsibility 

Parents want teens to take on more responsibility and teens want as little as possible. When neither sign is willing to compromise, you can be sure a conflict is going to result. Make sure you let your teen know why you want them to take on new responsibilities and how it will benefit them in the long run.