6 Ways Parents Can Encourage Their Teenage Boy

6 Ways Parents Can Encourage Their Teenage Boy

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Having Trouble Raising Your Teenage Boy? Try to Encourage Him

Raising a teenage boy can sometimes be a daunting task. Adolescent males are living in a phase of self-discovery and may become discouraged by the stresses that come along with everyday life. For this reason, it is important for parents to encourage their teen in all the facets of their life.

  1.  Be a cheerleader

    Teens often fail to meet their parent’s approval. However, it is crucial for parents to praise their child when they succeed in meeting expectations and support for when they fall short. By praising their success, the teen is more likely to stay encouraged.

  2. Pay attention… really!
    This is an important rule for any parent to follow. Paying attention means setting aside quality time just for your adolescent child. Show interest in their interests, learn the lingo and contribute to their conversations of what they are passionate about in life.
  3.  Emphasis on self-awareness
    Teens often experiment with harmful activities because they have a lack of standards in which they choose to follow. Educate your teen on relevant topics such as drug abuse, sex, and the realities of addiction. This will help your teen form their opinions about the dangers of experimentation.
  4.  Invest in your son's strengths
    Assist your teen in finding his strengths then encourage him to emerge himself fully in further developing his strongest attributes. Finding success in what he is good at will further his self-confidence.
  5.  Nurture his spirituality
    Nurturing your teen’s spirituality does not necessarily mean you have to force organized religion down their throat. However, finding passion in something larger than himself can truly encourage a teenage boy to succeed in all facets of their life.
  6.  Create environment of trust
    Creating trust is a difficult but crucial step in encouraging your teenager. Do your best to show trust by letting your teen live through different, and sometimes, challenging experiences. However, it is imperative to hold him accountable for any consequences of any unwise decisions he may choose to make.

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Even though a sense of belonging starts within the family and then essentially transfers over to same aged friends, the parent/teen relationship continues to be very significant. Research by George Barna indicated that today's youth actually say they value their parents' and family members' opinions more than their peers. In fact, 78 percent of teens polled said their parents had a lot of influence over their thinking, behaving, and spiritual development - more than friends, church, or school leaders. In this uncertain time of transition, every expression of concern you show for your teenager reinforces the security of his place within the family.

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