14 Ways To Overcome Depression Without Medication

14 Ways To Overcome Depression Without Medication

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1 - Make a to do list every day -

Setting easy daily goals will encourage you to become more active and get involved in the things going on around you. This can make a big difference, as many who suffer from depression spend a significant amount of their time just laying around. This lack of activity can perpetuate the condition.

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2 - Don't watch too much television -

Watching television is something at nearly everyone does, but it is a passive activity that won't get you engaged in what's going on. If you moderate the amount you watch television, you will have more time to spend on activities that are really exciting and engaging.

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3 - Force yourself to be social -

When a person is suffering from depression, the last thing they often want is to spend time socializing. However, avoiding socialization causes isolation which will only make depression more severe. Forcing yourself to spend time with friends and family can make a huge difference in fighting the symptoms of depression.

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4 - Increase your physical activity -

Poor physical fitness can be a contributing factor to depression in many cases. Getting regular exercise is an important part of your bodies ability to regulate itself and deal with stress. Unfortunately, many people dealing with depression will fail to get even a small amount of exercise.

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5 - Get out in the sun -

Several studies have shown that vitamin D levels are an important part of regulating mood and energy levels. Try to spend 30 minutes outside in the sun everyday to ensure that your vitamin D levels are sufficient.

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6 - Talk about your feelings -

Don't be ashamed of your depression. Trying to hide what you are going through will only cause isolation and make your recovery more difficult. Try to open up to those close to you about what you are going through.


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7 - Develop a support network -

Make sure that your depression doesn't leave you isolated. It is important to have people to talk to about your feelings during this difficult time in your life. Open up to your friends and family about what you are going through as much as possible.


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8 - Stay hopeful -

One of the reasons that depression is so difficult to deal with is the feelings of hopelessness that it causes. This stops those dealing with depression from taking the necessary steps to improve their lives and overcome this condition. Always remember that with the right help, you will be able to get rid of your depression.

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9 - Improve your diet -

Choosing the right foods can make a big difference in your overall health and the way you feel. Try to avoid junk food and moderate the size of your meals. Improving your health could significantly alleviate your depression.


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10 - Try various supplements -

While the causes of depression are not completely understood, a number of people believe that vitamin deficiencies could play a role in it's development. It could be a good idea for you to investigate different supplements.

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11 - Start a new hobby -

Find something that really engages your interest and take it up as a hobby. This will give you the motivation you need to start to break through your depression. One of the first steps towards beating depression is giving yourself a reason to be excited.

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12 - Get the right amount of sleep -

People with depression will often have difficulty regulating the amount of sleep they get. This often means sleeping for extremely long periods followed by periods where they may stay awake for a day or more. Dealing with this problem will help you improve your energy levels. The best way to do this is by setting a regular time that you will go to bed and get up regardless of whether you have something to get up for.

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13 - Talk to people who have been through depression -

Those going through depression often feel alone. It is important to realize that depression is incredibly common and you probably know several people who have been through the exact same situation. With this in mind, it could be helpful to talk to someone who has been through depression to find out what was effective for them.


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14 - Meditate -

Meditation has been demonstrated to have numerous mental health benefits and can be particularly useful for fighting depression. There are a number of different meditation styles, so try experimenting with a few and see which works best for you. Just 20 minutes of meditation everyday could make a huge difference in the way you feel.


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