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Therapy Insider - young teen girl in therapyDesigned for parents, Therapy Insider is the premier Mental and Behavioral Health directory site pairing you with the best Fresno, CA Behavior Modification Programs. Troubled adolescents from Fresno, CA can learn valuable life skills and core values through specialized behavior modification programs. As long as the behavior modification program near Fresno, CA offers therapy and an "experiential" component, then we can recommend behavior mod as an effect modality for the remediation of struggling teenage boys and girls. For support in determining whether a behavior modification program has a solid therapy program or "experiential" learning call and speak with our Educational Consultants. Call (866) 439-0775.

Behavior Modification Programs for Children

Traditional old school behavior modification programs near Fresno, CA use fear and coercision to compel troubled adolescents to comply with the program. When they comply they usually do very well (behave well). Fear of loss and punishment are the biggest tools of a behavior mod program. What is fear and punishment? For adults the fear of losing our job is a real fear. One reason we go to work is that we fear losing our jobs if we fail to show up. If we lose our job, we might become homeless. Now, there are many other good reasons why we go to work other than the fear of being homeless. However, one of the reasons we work is the fear of loss. Pure behavior modification programs use this type of fear of loss (or punishment) as the basis of their program. Overall, this does not work. There has to be more, more depth of understanding, to achieve long term positive growth.

Teenage Behavior Modification for ADHD

Behavior modification programs for troubled teenagers in Fresno, CA work when caring staff demonstrated unconditional love through therapeutic techniques to increase emotional maturity (empathy, compassion, concern for self and others). Behavior Modification is using positive reinforcement to increase positive outcomes and behaviors. Therapy Insider is a distinct family advocacy and consulting organization, dedicated to helping parents of struggling teenage boys and girls from Fresno, CA with the most suitable therapeutic center for troubled teenagers. Our superb family consultants are standing by to offer direction to parents exploring support; call (866) 439-0775 today!

Therapy Insider - group of teenagers living happy and soberWith the therapeutic version of behavior modification programs near Fresno, CA the young clients are accepted, heard, and encouraged to make better choices. They are taught about "casue and effect" with the idea of helping troubled adolescents to realize that their choices matter. They are taught "why" they should make good choices, and to take responsibility for all their choices, both good and bad. The therapeutic centers are based on "choice" and "responsibility."

Therapy Insider is a distinct family advocacy and consulting organization, helping parents of struggling teenage boys and girls in Fresno, CA who are exploring the most suitable treatment programs for their teen child; who may be wrestling with anger problems and/or drug dependency issues. Call our professional family consultant at (866) 439-0775 today!


National Organizations for Parents of Troubled Youth from Fresno, CA

National Council for Behavioral Health: Tobacco Cessation - Smoking is a big contributor to the early deaths of those who suffer from mental illness and drug dependency. The Tobacco Cessation webpage provides information and resources about the link between these afflictions and discusses how to prevent or reduce tobacco use among those who are wrestling with it.

National Council for Behavioral Health: Excellence in Mental Health Act - The Excellence in Mental Health Act has recently begun the process of trying to get grants for a new program that they are attempting to start up. They want to be able to deliver community-based behavioral healthcare. They want to be able to offer patients with a staff that will be there any time of the day, 24/7. And they want to deliver quality, person-centered work. They want to be able to offer their patients screening that is based on evidence, and they want to be able to offer them preventative care, wellness services and more.

Responsiveness:  When others are responsive to our needs and concerns, it means they have taken the time to truly understand our needs.  At MasterNet, we are responsive to our clients true needs.  Call 866-439-0775.

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