Find Healing From Abusive Relationships

Find Healing From Abusive Relationships

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Noel McDermott shares some incredible depth about finding healing after abusive relationships. With the abuse, there is a great deal of shame and blame to let go of - and self-forgiveness. Abuse victims are basically survivors and they need to take a proactive approach to healing.

Getting out of the abusive relations was a brave thing to do... so, now what?

Noel offers practical wisdom and simple actionable directions on what you can you do once you've gotten out of the abusive relationship - breaking down the complex into three simple stages of action - finding peace and loving yourself once again.

Taking Positive Action

Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you...

― C. Kennedy, Omorphi

Survivors of abuse show us the strength of their personal spirit every time they smile

― Jeanne McElvaney

Overcoming abuse doesn’t just happen, It takes positive steps everyday. Let today be the day you start to move forward

― Assunta Harris

Sticks and stones can break your bones, yet words will never hurt you…unless you believe them

― Charles F. Glassman

Noel McDermott is a psychotherapist and counselor specializing in the treatment of addiction and recovery - specifically with relationship issues and codependency for couples with kids.

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