How A British Socialite Followed In The Footsteps of Her Mother To Meet an Untimely Tragedy

How A British Socialite Followed In The Footsteps of Her Mother To Meet an Untimely Tragedy

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For a wealthy, young, and attractive woman, it is not hard to fall victim to the thriving party scene that has destroyed so many celebrities. For some, fame is easy to acquire. Social media and 24-hour news stations have brought about the rise and fall of many celebrities. It is now easier than ever before to get your '15 minutes of fame,' but how does this increased accessibility to celebrity status affect our youth? Does increased exposure through websites like Facebook and Twitter pressure teens to act a certain way? Peaches Geldof is be the perfect example of a teen tragedy caused in part by the stress of her life lived in the public eye.

Teenage Years 

It is no secret that being a teenager is not easy. For many teens, their biggest fear is speaking in public or being judged for their appearance. Really, it’s the idea of being exposed to the public that many teenagers fear. Of English tabloid, fashion, and television fame, Peaches Geldof seemed to thrive in the spotlight. Gaining fame at the very young age of 14 for writing in UK magazine Elle Girl, Peaches was quickly catapulted into the public eye. Shortly after Elle Girl stopped production, Peaches found herself with a television documentary called Peaches Geldof: Teenage Mind and went on to star in another documentary called Peaches Geldof: Teen America. She was known as having keen fashion sense and then became a fashion model for various clothing lines.

A Sad Ending

On April 7th, 2014, Peaches Geldof was found dead at her home in Wrotham, Kent. Sadly, it was confirmed that the mother of two died of a drug overdose, even though she had publicly denied using narcotics. Around 4 years ago a post on Reddit responding the the question “What’s your most WTF one night stand story?” detailed a one night stand where Peaches supposedly stayed up all night doing heroin with the poster before checking into a Scientology Center for detoxification. The poster included pictures of himself and Peaches which adds credibility to his story. Peaches always refused treatment for her suspected drug addiction, even though when Peaches was 11, her mother died from overdosing on heroin. Did pressure from the public eye cause her to deny addiction and ultimately lead to her death? The immense pressure to act and look a certain way could have caused her to turn to drugs to cope. Many teenagers feel pressure to behave a specific way in order to fit in with their peers. Social media has made cyber bullying common and has lead to more than one case of teenage suicide.

There is reason enough to believe that Peaches Geldof and her place in the public eye was involved in her downward spiral. It was a tragic loss of such a young and talented life.


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